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Blueprint K9 Dachshunds
- Missouri -

Health Tested - Predicable - Purpose Bred -  Preservation Breeder

*ATTENTION* Others may be impersonating our kennel or personal names scamming buyers out of money to purchase puppies that do not exist. NEVER send anyone a deposit or payment on a dog. We ALWAYS meet people in person before agreeing to a sale.

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We offer high quality one of a kind Dachshund Companion partners for Families and AKC Performance 

Amanda Barron is the owner of Blueprint K9 and a longtime breeder of over 20 years. She is a supporter of the National Breed Club, and is a volunteer with her Certified Therapy Dogs of Blueprint K9 visiting primarily nursing homes in and around the community. She is a part of the American Kennel Club Bred of Merit (Bronze) and Bred with Heart program, is a Certified AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, and is involved in the sport of showing dogs and proving them in the Field.
Blueprint K9 is dedicated to breeding sound temperament, genetic health tested, and performing dogs. Specializing in Performance Dogs, Therapy, Service; our breeding program is focused around producing dogs that not only excel as excellent family pets, but we specialize in producing dogs for working homes, performance, and show.
Blueprint K9 Dachshunds are all fully health tested for genetic disorders with OFA and receive their CHIC #, as well as Embark DNA tested for over 200+ genetic diseases, color, traits. You will not find a more dedicated and educated Miniature Dachshund breeder when it comes to producing quality health and temperament tested dogs.
We plan our breedings to produce animals that are able to be exemplarily examples of the breed, adhere to the breed standard, and make fabulous companion Dachsunds.
All of our Dachshund puppies are offered with AKC limited registration, although we try to encourage new families to become involved in AKC Dachshund activities with their new dog. 

Breeding or show prospects are currently not offered due to the young age of our breeding program.


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