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Here is a small list with links to information of activities that your Dachshund wants to do!


Available resources to consider getting your Dachshund involved in. Remembering, Dachshunds are Hounds, bred to track and kill Badgers, and other smaller game. This is in their DNA, and every Dachshund loves to use it’s nose to hunt prey to different degrees.


Field TrialsField Trials – Dachshund Club of America


Barn HuntBarn Hunt Association


TrackingTracking – American Kennel Club (


Scent WorkAKC Scent Work – American Kennel Club


AgilityAgility Sports for All Dogs and Owners - American Kennel Club (


I highly encourage owners of our puppies to pursue these activities with your Dachshund, they can start going to trials as young as 6 months of age, with the exception of Agility.


While Dachshund make great companions, it’s only fair to consider meeting their needs mentally and physically.

Want one of these beautiful bronze plaques? Consider a DCA event and TRAIN to win! 
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