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Our website is kept for a general reference of our dogs, and periodic updates.

Breeding & Showing Dachshunds since 2004 (however newly under Blueprint). Our puppies and adult Dachshunds meet the breed standard, and are shown in AKC conformation events, as well as worked primarily in Therapy Dog work, and hunting out in the field. We had been breeders of working German Shepherds with a very high success rate of puppy matching, which secures the right type of dog, show, working style, training purpose, etc, to each family. We apply the same principles to our Dachshunds.

All personal dogs used in our breeding program receive their CHIC #, and are tested through OFA for Cardiac, Eyes, Patellas, Dentition, and a complete DNA panel done from Embark (Cornell University), at minimum.

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Puppies are raised with Puppy Culture and a modified style of puppy imprinting from personal years experience raising working dogs. Our dogs are worked in the community doing Pet Therapy, exhibit in dog shows, participate in field trials, a variety of other dog sports, and of course live within our family. Puppies are imprinted and evaluated for the best possible lifetime placement. Our dogs can be selected for the above mentioned, and for field trials, nosework, tracking, medical alert and service dogs, trick training, and so much more.

Puppies are available occasionally throughout the year. Please contact us availability.  The first step to being approved for one of our Blueprint puppies, is to contact us for a puppy application, or submit one through our website under the "Information" tab. We do have a process that requires lots of patience. We want to get to know you, your lifestyle with the dog, and feel like we will become extended family. 

We occasionally have Dachshund puppies/dogs with super potential that display a demanding need for a job. These dogs are evaluated for Narcotics, Bomb Detection, Bed Bugs, Service Medical Alert Dogs and are sought out to be used in Law Enforcement, Government Operations, Private Agencies, and Individuals. Please email for an application at There may be a 1 year waiting list or more for the right dog to the right very demanding situation.

All Puppies come with the following:

AKC Registration

UKC Registration (on select litters)


Neopar started at 49 days

Age Appropriate Deworming

Thorough Vet Check, Health Certificate, and Negative Fecal prior to placement

Lifetime Breeder Support

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Please Submit an Application to be Considered for a  Puppy

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Sire: GCH Weiner Works Smokin Gun Chester MS

OFA Eyes Patellas Cardiac DNA with Embark for over 150 genetic disorders 

Dam: GCH Blueprint You'll See MS

OFA Eyes Patellas Cardiac DNA with Embark for over 150 genetic disorders 

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Past Litters/Puppies 

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