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Preservation breeder of OFA & Embark genetic health tested Bullmastiffs. Our dogs are bred for purpose of conforming to the breed standard in type, temperament, and movement. Selected for use is Conformation, Pet Therapy Programs, Medical Alert and Service dogs, Guard Dogs, and so much more. Puppies are imprinted and evaluated for the best possible lifetime placement. Show, Performance, Working, Companion. Puppies & Stud Service. * I label our Bullmastiff dogs as "bombproof" for even novice dog owners. We are here for the lifetime commitment to your new family member.

Puppies are available occasionally throughout the year. Please contact us availability.  The first step to being approved for on our our Blueprint puppies, is to contact us for a puppy application, or submit one through our website under the "Information" tab.

We occasionally have Bullmastiff puppies/dogs with super potential that display a demanding need for a job. These dogs are evaluated for Service Dogs, Service Medical Alert Dogs and are sought out to be used in Private Agencies and Individuals. Please email for an application at BlueprintK9@yahoo.com There may be a 1 year waiting list or more for the right dog to the right very demanding situation.

All Puppies come with the following:

AKC Registration

UKC Registration (on select litters)


Neopar at 49 days

Age Appropriate Deworming

Thorough Vet Check and Negative Fecal prior to placement

Lifetime Breeder Support


Blueprint K9

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